Soundproofed Celebrates 10 years this year

Yep, and I still can not believe it – This year we celebrate 10 years of Soundproofed.

I found myself looking back at old photos as I write this post. So much has changed. The above pic was taken for our very first promo – Look at that hair colour !

We started off rehearsing in a garage, with no real plans to gig regularly, just to play music and do what we love.

Then, after changes in line up – I knew I wanted to get back to gigging. From here it took hard work, sometimes 2 hours every afternoon after I got home from work. I would ring venues, begging to give us a go.

We soon had our first gig, and I will always be grateful to Sue Stride at Seven Hills RSL.

From then, ST Marys Band Club took us on, again Marlene Shipley is someone who I will always be grateful for.

Over the years, people have come and gone. But as of 2017 and now 2018, I am happy to say we have a golden line up. All of us working together to create a better Soundproofed. And I can honestly say, all of us loving this as much as I do.

So this year, is a special year for me, it is an amazing milestone and something I am really proud of.

Hope to see you at a gig Ready to Rip soon


The Epic Gig weekend of September 17

So….. We celebrate 10 years next year. Yep I can not believe it. In fact when this journey is over (And it aint looking like that will be anytime soon) I think I might write a book. It is weekends like the one that just went, that makes me love what I do even more. Music is dead…..PFFFTTTTTT ! 2 packed venues, punters partying and we got to enjoy doing what we love.

With Sydney being hit by a crappy flu season, we were all very grateful to have a few weeks off. But we hit the ground running.

Friday 1st of September, we hit The Jamo. They certainly know how to party and I must say, we are gaining a nice crowd there. People were ready to have fun 80’s style. The staff always look after us.

Saturday 2nd we hit Tracks at Epping Hotel. A favourite haunt of mine and Gman’s many many moons ago. Holy Crap Batman – It was packed, security counting 264 bodies downstairs. The Epping Rams won their grand final, and they were up for a party. So a Party we gave them. A quick rendition of we are the Champions, and off we went.

We had the full rig, with all our lighting glory.

At this moment in time, I can not say how awesome it is to be working with this team, and team I mean Gman, Col, Mary, Maurice and Jase. A well oiled machine. Pack down and set up taking a lot less time. More than that, all of us working to a common goal and each of us loving SP as much as I do.

In the words of our drummer “I love this band”

Happy week my friends, see ya at Colyton next Sat night – The post of FB has over 200 likes and it looks like it is going to be a huge one.

See ya at a gig ready to rip soon


Another awesome gig

I have woken up this morning feeling pretty awesome. Last night marked our return to The Bull and Bush Hotel in Baulkham Hills. I know it isn’t Wembley, but for me I spend the good part of quite a few years trying to get into the place.

This morning I have spent time thinking about the Soundproofed journey, Graham and I are the only original members now.

Soundproofed started off nearly 9 years ago with musicians that were hungering to get back to gigging. I had taken many years off to have kids and was wanting to get my live music fix again.

We had our first gig at Seven Hills RSL, Sue Stride was so wonderful and gave us our first break.

St Mary’s Band Club was the next off the ranks, in fact we go back there with our 80’s show. Marlene is another person who holds a special place in our SP history.

There have been so many memorable moments, the charity work we do always makes me come away thinking we have made a difference in this crazy world. Singing with Hayley is something that I will always chalk up as a perfect moment. Jamie coming to some of the gigs and working the desk. And of course, I get to share this with my awesome better half Gman.

There are obviously some memorable moments that I will not put on here, suffice to say we have met some pretty crazy people that have done some pretty crazy things.

Last night as we sat down to dinner, I realised that we have so much more ahead of us. I love these people I am making music with. I love that I get to be a working musician. I am thankful for all our past members, each teaching me something about myself.

With gigs already coming in for 2018, and more and more rooms being packed because the Soundproofed word is getting out there, I can not help but feel pretty awesome about this amazing band called Soundproofed.

Kicking Goals :)

It has been a while since I blogged ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots has been happening in the SP camp. MoMo and Jase have slotted into the bass and drum roles amazingly, making the roles their own. Bringing to SP lots of yummy goodness ๐Ÿ™‚

We have gone into rehearsals and are working on making our Covers show and Concept shows bigger and better.

I am enjoying the fact that after many years, agents and venues are starting to ask for us. A good place to be.

More than that, I am loving the family atmosphere that we all have.

We have some of our favourite venues coming up and lots of local venues to me. Here are some of the posters. Book your babysitters and come on down for some Soundie love.

Today’s post….. is about being grateful to Lauren, Nat, Gman, Col, Mary, Jase and Momo. So lucky to be able to make music with some awesome people.

I tell ya we are kicking goals.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these gigs ready to rip Soundie style


Be the change you want to see in this world

What started off as a tiny thought has now finally come to fruition.

This coming Sunday on the 2nd of April from midday til 4.30 pm, Soundproofed, The Sphere Organistion and The Ettamogah will be hosting a Youth Suicide Awareness event.

I have always built Soundproofed on the foundation of giving back to a community that has always supported us. Music is a universal langauge, it soothes the soul and can help with Mental Health Issues. Sunday we are giving back to the youth in the Hills area, showing them that they are loved and this “Crazy red Haired lady” is in their corner fighting for them.

Come along from Midday, Noon Shift, Weeks on End and Soundproofed will be providing the sweet music, major organistions will be there to lend their support.

See included the article from Katrina Vo from Fairfax, Lawrance Machado has also lent his support from Rouse Hill Times. Jason, Myself and Hayley will be on Alive FM 90.5 this coming Saturday from 9ish onwards.

Hills News

At the end of the day it will be a celebration of life through music


It is all about the music – New look SP

Lots of changes in the SP camp. Gigs are continuing to roll in for both the Covers Band and the 80’s Tribute Band. It is never easy saying goodbye to members of the SP family, and that’s what it is, a family. People move on and I am happy to say we have found some pretty awesome musos along the way. This year has been no different.

We welcome 2 new members to the SP ranks. Jason Long on Bass and Maurice Mariasson on Drums. Our backline is complete and sounding pretty amazing already. Both smiling and and enjoying making the positions their own.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Col and Mary. For working through the past few weeks with me and for loving SP as much as I do. Family rings so true here, I can not thank you guys enough.

Thank you also to the fill ins we have had to use, Paul Bardetta and Dominic Kennerley – Both of you are worth your weight in gold.

But mostly, because I can, thank you to Gman AKA hubby for finding the resources for me to continue to do what I Love.G Thumbnail 2

I am so passionate about Soundproofed more than ever.
Looking forward to seeing you at a show ready to rip Soundproofed style soon.
LO xxx

2017 has already been a cracker of a year.

2017 is about change for us. We now have a new Drummer on board as of last year – Maurice Mariasson. Maurice is no stranger to the Sydney live music scene, and has been seen drumming in the bright orange overalls in The One Hit Wonders, plus many other well know acts in Sydney.

We are currently blooding a new bass player, more on this in the next few weeks…… Shhhhhhhhh it is a bit of a secret ๐Ÿ™‚

Leon has left Soundproofed to spend time concentrating on his family and kids. We really respect him for that and wish him well in all his life endeavors.

Now…… This year and gigs…. what can I say ? Lauren at Sphere is working hard for us. So many new venues in the making, so many new experiences to enjoy.

I am really looking forward to this year, sharing the excitement and extending the Soundproofed community is something I love doing. Watching as new energy flows through the band.

Keep checking our FB page for all our news.

Catch ya at a gig ready to rip soon,
No excuses there are lots of venues on our gig calendar !!!!

Soundproofed News – 2017 and beyond

Hello Soundies,

Lots of things happening in SP that I would like to make you aware of.

Firstly, it is with sadness that our beat boy Darren Hamilton is moving on. Darren came along at a time when we needed him to share the seat with Phil, he then took on this role and made it his own. We are going to auditions in early Dec and have been blown away by the caliber of the drummers that have been applying. We are sad to see him go, but as I said to him “Once a Soundie always a Soundie”


The second big news we have …………………….


Soundproofed as of next year will be offering 2 shows for our venues. For many years I have been looking for a way to crack the Tribute Show market, and here it is.


Venues can choose whether they want the normal Rock/Pop Anthems Show or “80’s Rewind”.

The new show comes with all those iconic 80’s classics, and us in full 80’s gear.

Our first show will be at Jewells Tavern up North this coming Saturday the 19th of November.


The second show is at Pritchards Hotel in December.


So lots of things happening,I am excited at the thought of evolving again and cracking into venues that we have not been able to play at.

More than that, we will also be extending the SP family, which I love.

Put these dates in your diaries Soundies

I hope to catch you at a gig ready to rip soon.


Paying it forward at it’s best – A night for Kieren

We have had a huge weekend this weekend. As you can see by the pic of our geetarist extraordinaire. Last night we played at “A Night For Kieren”. Soundproofed will always help where we can. We work, so we give back to community – It is how the cycle works. When we heard the story about a band pulling out only a few weeks before due to unforeseen circumstances, I sent the SOS out. And came they did. Thank you to Phil Pender for filling in on theย night. To Hayley Marshall Music (actually it’s Lo’s daughter), thank you for giving me the chance to sing with you on stage. To the rest of SP – Thank you I appreciate you walk this path with me. We have all come back this morning knowing that we made someone’s life a little easier. And that is paying it forward at it’s best ๐Ÿ™‚
Guest Appearance Phil Pender

A very Tired Geetar Man
Hayley Marshall MusicA Night For Kieren

And it just keeps getting better



So we have been at this a while now, to tell the truth we are only just scratching the surface.

July and August have been the months of new venues. Revesby Workers and a last minute gig at The Fitzroy Hotel in Windsor. Both Iconic venues that love live music.

Although we nailed both venues, it is The Fitzroy that I want to chat about.

It is under New Management. This new management supporting live music to the hilt. In fact, they would like to see it built up to music most nights of the week.

So we went in, we did what we do. We did what we always do. I knew the music would stand on it’s own.

And……it did.

Read the reviews from this punter. For the record none of us know her personally.

I will say here, it is all about the music. Always has been and always will be.

See ya at a gig ready to rip Soundie style