Welcome to the Soundie family Mary Blake

Our gig at Bayview Tavern on the weekend marked a step forward for Soundproofed. Mary Blake joined us on Keytar/Backing Vocals.

Mary did a fabulous job, and having another girl in the band that is so easy to work with and like minded is a joy.

Thanks goes to Sphere’s Chubby and Nathan for coming down to support us.

It didn’t take long for us to get the punters up and dancing, nor that long for some one to ask Mary “Do they really make those still ?” referring to Roger the Keytar.


A huge thank you goes to Joanna who worked tirelessly to get the posters up and running. To OMG Studios for our new promo pics, to Col for his “pootah”skills, and to all the rest of the Soundie crew who mucked in and helped ramp things up.

We are now even more versatile and are ready to embark on the next part of the Soundproofed journey.

Catch ya at a gig ready to rip