The Great July of 2016

July marks a huge month for us.

4 venues.

On the 8th of July we hit Richmond Hotel. A great local venue working hard to support live music. This was also one of the venues that supported SP in the early years.
Soundproofed richmond inn 8th july

The 9th of July marks a return to a local one for me, and an ALH venue. The Ettamogah. This venue was years in the making. But we are back. So excited for this one.
Soundproofed The Etta 9th July

The 29th of July has us return to St Marys Leagues. Looking at all the feedback from the last gig we were there, tells me this venue is going to rock on the night.
Soundproofed St Marys Leagues 29 july

The last gig this month is going to be huge. An iconic live music venue. Revesby Workers we are coming at ya. Full party band mode
soundproofed revesby workers 30 july

I was speaking to a friend of mine who is an awesome muso the other day. I am always working at getting us into new venues, and pushing us out there harder. He said I need to remember that I should be grateful for where we are at. A working Covers band ! He is right we are lucky. This month lays testament to that.

No Excuses Soundies……You need to get to these gigs…..We will deliver a great night.

Catch ya at a gig ready to rip soon