And it just keeps getting better



So we have been at this a while now, to tell the truth we are only just scratching the surface.

July and August have been the months of new venues. Revesby Workers and a last minute gig at The Fitzroy Hotel in Windsor. Both Iconic venues that love live music.

Although we nailed both venues, it is The Fitzroy that I want to chat about.

It is under New Management. This new management supporting live music to the hilt. In fact, they would like to see it built up to music most nights of the week.

So we went in, we did what we do. We did what we always do. I knew the music would stand on it’s own.

And……it did.

Read the reviews from this punter. For the record none of us know her personally.

I will say here, it is all about the music. Always has been and always will be.

See ya at a gig ready to rip Soundie style