Paying it forward at it’s best – A night for Kieren

We have had a huge weekend this weekend. As you can see by the pic of our geetarist extraordinaire. Last night we played at “A Night For Kieren”. Soundproofed will always help where we can. We work, so we give back to community – It is how the cycle works. When we heard the story about a band pulling out only a few weeks before due to unforeseen circumstances, I sent the SOS out. And came they did. Thank you to Phil Pender for filling in on the night. To Hayley Marshall Music (actually it’s Lo’s daughter), thank you for giving me the chance to sing with you on stage. To the rest of SP – Thank you I appreciate you walk this path with me. We have all come back this morning knowing that we made someone’s life a little easier. And that is paying it forward at it’s best 🙂
Guest Appearance Phil Pender

A very Tired Geetar Man
Hayley Marshall MusicA Night For Kieren