Soundproofed News – 2017 and beyond

Hello Soundies,

Lots of things happening in SP that I would like to make you aware of.

Firstly, it is with sadness that our beat boy Darren Hamilton is moving on. Darren came along at a time when we needed him to share the seat with Phil, he then took on this role and made it his own. We are going to auditions in early Dec and have been blown away by the caliber of the drummers that have been applying. We are sad to see him go, but as I said to him “Once a Soundie always a Soundie”


The second big news we have …………………….


Soundproofed as of next year will be offering 2 shows for our venues. For many years I have been looking for a way to crack the Tribute Show market, and here it is.


Venues can choose whether they want the normal Rock/Pop Anthems Show or “80’s Rewind”.

The new show comes with all those iconic 80’s classics, and us in full 80’s gear.

Our first show will be at Jewells Tavern up North this coming Saturday the 19th of November.


The second show is at Pritchards Hotel in December.


So lots of things happening,I am excited at the thought of evolving again and cracking into venues that we have not been able to play at.

More than that, we will also be extending the SP family, which I love.

Put these dates in your diaries Soundies

I hope to catch you at a gig ready to rip soon.