It is all about the music – New look SP

Lots of changes in the SP camp. Gigs are continuing to roll in for both the Covers Band and the 80’s Tribute Band. It is never easy saying goodbye to members of the SP family, and that’s what it is, a family. People move on and I am happy to say we have found some pretty awesome musos along the way. This year has been no different.

We welcome 2 new members to the SP ranks. Jason Long on Bass and Maurice Mariasson on Drums. Our backline is complete and sounding pretty amazing already. Both smiling and and enjoying making the positions their own.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Col and Mary. For working through the past few weeks with me and for loving SP as much as I do. Family rings so true here, I can not thank you guys enough.

Thank you also to the fill ins we have had to use, Paul Bardetta and Dominic Kennerley – Both of you are worth your weight in gold.

But mostly, because I can, thank you to Gman AKA hubby for finding the resources for me to continue to do what I Love.G Thumbnail 2

I am so passionate about Soundproofed more than ever.
Looking forward to seeing you at a show ready to rip Soundproofed style soon.
LO xxx