Be the change you want to see in this world

What started off as a tiny thought has now finally come to fruition.

This coming Sunday on the 2nd of April from midday til 4.30 pm, Soundproofed, The Sphere Organistion and The Ettamogah will be hosting a Youth Suicide Awareness event.

I have always built Soundproofed on the foundation of giving back to a community that has always supported us. Music is a universal langauge, it soothes the soul and can help with Mental Health Issues. Sunday we are giving back to the youth in the Hills area, showing them that they are loved and this “Crazy red Haired lady” is in their corner fighting for them.

Come along from Midday, Noon Shift, Weeks on End and Soundproofed will be providing the sweet music, major organistions will be there to lend their support.

See included the article from Katrina Vo from Fairfax, Lawrance Machado has also lent his support from Rouse Hill Times. Jason, Myself and Hayley will be on Alive FM 90.5 this coming Saturday from 9ish onwards.

Hills News

At the end of the day it will be a celebration of life through music