The Epic Gig weekend of September 17

So….. We celebrate 10 years next year. Yep I can not believe it. In fact when this journey is over (And it aint looking like that will be anytime soon) I think I might write a book. It is weekends like the one that just went, that makes me love what I do even more. Music is dead…..PFFFTTTTTT ! 2 packed venues, punters partying and we got to enjoy doing what we love.

With Sydney being hit by a crappy flu season, we were all very grateful to have a few weeks off. But we hit the ground running.

Friday 1st of September, we hit The Jamo. They certainly know how to party and I must say, we are gaining a nice crowd there. People were ready to have fun 80’s style. The staff always look after us.

Saturday 2nd we hit Tracks at Epping Hotel. A favourite haunt of mine and Gman’s many many moons ago. Holy Crap Batman – It was packed, security counting 264 bodies downstairs. The Epping Rams won their grand final, and they were up for a party. So a Party we gave them. A quick rendition of we are the Champions, and off we went.

We had the full rig, with all our lighting glory.

At this moment in time, I can not say how awesome it is to be working with this team, and team I mean Gman, Col, Mary, Maurice and Jase. A well oiled machine. Pack down and set up taking a lot less time. More than that, all of us working to a common goal and each of us loving SP as much as I do.

In the words of our drummer “I love this band”

Happy week my friends, see ya at Colyton next Sat night – The post of FB has over 200 likes and it looks like it is going to be a huge one.

See ya at a gig ready to rip soon