The Great July of 2016

July marks a huge month for us.

4 venues.

On the 8th of July we hit Richmond Hotel. A great local venue working hard to support live music. This was also one of the venues that supported SP in the early years.
Soundproofed richmond inn 8th july

The 9th of July marks a return to a local one for me, and an ALH venue. The Ettamogah. This venue was years in the making. But we are back. So excited for this one.
Soundproofed The Etta 9th July

The 29th of July has us return to St Marys Leagues. Looking at all the feedback from the last gig we were there, tells me this venue is going to rock on the night.
Soundproofed St Marys Leagues 29 july

The last gig this month is going to be huge. An iconic live music venue. Revesby Workers we are coming at ya. Full party band mode
soundproofed revesby workers 30 july

I was speaking to a friend of mine who is an awesome muso the other day. I am always working at getting us into new venues, and pushing us out there harder. He said I need to remember that I should be grateful for where we are at. A working Covers band ! He is right we are lucky. This month lays testament to that.

No Excuses Soundies……You need to get to these gigs…..We will deliver a great night.

Catch ya at a gig ready to rip soon


All the…..small things

Today was a very exciting day………………I got to renew our business name. I have spent the day tidying things up. But mostly, I have spent the day excited at the thought of what is ahead. Being able to say you are a working Covers band in this musical climate in Sydney…is pretty awesome.

Feel free to share the Soundproofed love and share our social media pages around, we are looking forward to building our friends up so we see you at a gig soon.


Catch ya in June Ready to Rip Soundproofed Style


Cracker start to 2016

This has been the first chance for me to sit down and blog. This year has been chocka block with gigs.

March saw us hit our “out west venues” hard.

The Blue Cattle Dog at the start of the month, saw us bring back many of our followers to the venue. We love this venue. In fact we will be back there on Anzac Day.

Rooty Hill RSL and ST Marys Leagues Club never fail to deliver. Packed dance floors and punters enjoying the Soundie music hit.

For me though, the highlight last month was when Soundproofed threw our support behind a very special lady and her fight against Cancer. We went back to The Fiddler in Rouse Hill for “Unite in White”. I learnt many years ago that music could make a difference, that we could use our success to help others. It is times like these, when I really love what I do. Thought I would put in some pics of the night.




April sees us back at one venue where it all started The Marys Band Club – or The Bandy. This one for me is going to be a very special night.

Soundproofed St Marys Band Club 15th April

Catch ya at a gig this month ready to rip Soundie style.

LO xx
Banner LO 3

There is a quote I have on a ring I wear “Be the change you want to see in this world”

Many years ago we decided at Soundproofed that we would put our music to good use and support charities that are associated with fighting the battle against cancer. We did a fund raiser ourselves, we played at Relay for Life, we supported Kirsty and her cocktail party to raise funds.

This year, I am very proud to say, we are throwing our support behind a very special lady – Jane Wonder Woman. All I will say is that her story is inspirational and is human determination at it’s best.

So I am asking you to get some friends together before the tickets go and buy some tickets to help us support Jane at this cocktail party fund raiser. Link is on our FB page or here is the direct link

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – You know you want to, and help us make a difference through the magic of music.



What a start to the year !!!!!!!!!!

We have certainly hit the ground running this year ……in fact this is the first chance I have had to write this.

We had a great break over Christmas, which is just as well, because we have come back busy as ever.

We started off the year at The Blue Cattle Dog Hotel in St Clair. In fact twice. The 22nd of Jan marked our return to this venue. Fantastic gig 🙂

We then returned on Australia Day ……to a transformed venue. The beach theme made me feel like I was at the beach….sand and a blow up pool as well as a mechanical surfboard. But the best part for me was having my family with me. A rare chance to take the kids along.

The Blue Cattle Dog always looks after us, and I am proud to say we will be back there Anzac Day.

blue cattle dog jan 22

Blue Cattle Dog St Clair, Aussie Day 2016

St Marys Leagues Club was next, and as always this venue never lets us down. Another great gig.

Engadine Tavern was last Friday. The best yet. Lots of punters coming along to support us.

SP Engadine Tavern 5th Feb

We also have new poster artwork this year using the live pics taken by ROD JONUSAS. This new look coincides with the next part of our SP journey.

We have this weekend off but come back to a brand new venue – The Henry Sports Club. Another venue that is working hard to support live music so we would like to see as many of our friends at this one to support them.

SP Henry Sports Club 20th Feb

Can not put into words how excited I am at the way things have started this year. Lots more new venues coming on board, lots of gigs at our regular venues. New artwork, New posters…..

Catch ya at a gig Ready to rip soon Soundie style


Looking back on 2015

2015 was a great Soundie year - 2016 will be even better

2015 was a great Soundie year – 2016 will be even better

As 2015 has come to an end, it would be remiss of me not to look back on the year that was.

For any covers band trying to survive in the current industry, you need to work hard on many fronts. And last year all the hard work paid off.

In 2015 we added the very awesome Mary Blake on Keytar and vox. It meant that we could create an even bigger and better sound. Many venues soon opened their doors to us, venues that we couldn’t previously get into.

We managed to get into the much wanted ALH venues last year, with The Blue Cattle Dog starting the ball rolling for us. The Ettamogah at Kellyville Ridge soon followed suit. 2016 will be about consolidating this. In fact, The Blue Cattle Dog has booked us for Australia Day.

Blue Cattle Dog St Clair, Aussie Day 2016

At the end of last year, we saw Phil step down from the position of full time drummer and hand the reigns over to Darren. Let’s face it, some bands find it hard to find one drummer, we had 2 awesome ones. Phil will still be with us, filling in for Darren when needed.

Thanks must go out to The Sphere Organisation, they have always backed and supported us. In fact, Chubby, Lauren and Nathan came along to our final gig and Christmas celebrations at The Ettamogah on the 18th of December. It was great to see all 3 of them there.

LO and Lauren

And now for this year, well I will be continuing to do my thing, with a great team behind me. We are looking forward to lifting the bar even higher and cracking more venues. But mostly, we look forward to doing what we love – Playing music.

Lots of gigs to get to this year, you have no excuses. Get amongst it.

Catch ya at a gig ready to rip soon


The storm after the break.

November was a quiet month for us to prepare for December’s gigs and for the onslaught of 2016.

It has been a huge start already. Penrith RSL last Saturday night and St Marys Leagues Club this coming Friday.

Friday the 18th of December marks a special night for us for a few reasons.

Firstly it is a local gig for me. And I love me a local gig.

Secondly after years of trying to crack the venue……we got in.

Lastly – It is our SP Christmas party. There will be reindeer ears, and tinsel, and Santa, and snow men……………….okay well maybe just some awesome music from us.

See attached a fantastic article that ran today in The Rouse Hill Times. Says it all really.

Catch ya at a gig ready to rip (With reindeer ears)

RHT 9th December 2015

Mangrove Mountain and……stuff

IMG_4908-001Saturday night marked a gig that took us back to another venue we played at many years ago – Drummoyne Sports Club. The Mangrove Mountain Mem Club has the same awesome caterers as we enjoyed all those years ago. Brad and Renee from Sublime Dining certainly know how to make amazing food, and all of us got the chance to enjoy this again. More than that we enjoyed kicking back and playing for some great locals. One even asking us to sign his “favorite fannie shirt”.

Good Food, great company and an intimate venue made for a great night.

Now for the other news of the day…………………………………

On the 18th of December we will be at one of my locals The Ettamogah. This place has been on my radar for many years and we are finally getting a guernsey. Can not wait – We packed the Bull and Bush and I have no doubt (With your help of course) we will pack this local venue too.

We are also adding another couple of more venues on our books Henry Sports and the Wallacia Hotel.

All in all next year is looking like it is going to be a cracker for us

See you at a gig soon ready to rip Soundie style



Blue Cattle Dog you rocked our world.

We chalked up a new venue on the weekend, and saw us entering into the world of ALH venues.

This venue, is another venue that rocked our Soundproofed world.

Packed venue – All night. Fantastic crowd, that knows how to party. Staff that looked after us. And a sound engineer that got to test drive our new subs 🙂

Venue Rocking

Made it a pretty awesome gig.

Big thanks goes to Tracey from Chantlabon for coming down to check us out and take the pics attached to this post.

Awesome Gig

As you can see, we conquered the venue – Soundie style.

Catch ya at a gig ready to rip soon