Another awesome gig

I have woken up this morning feeling pretty awesome. Last night marked our return to The Bull and Bush Hotel in Baulkham Hills. I know it isn’t Wembley, but for me I spend the good part of quite a few years trying to get into the place.

This morning I have spent time thinking about the Soundproofed journey, Graham and I are the only original members now.

Soundproofed started off nearly 9 years ago with musicians that were hungering to get back to gigging. I had taken many years off to have kids and was wanting to get my live music fix again.

We had our first gig at Seven Hills RSL, Sue Stride was so wonderful and gave us our first break.

St Mary’s Band Club was the next off the ranks, in fact we go back there with our 80’s show. Marlene is another person who holds a special place in our SP history.

There have been so many memorable moments, the charity work we do always makes me come away thinking we have made a difference in this crazy world. Singing with Hayley is something that I will always chalk up as a perfect moment. Jamie coming to some of the gigs and working the desk. And of course, I get to share this with my awesome better half Gman.

There are obviously some memorable moments that I will not put on here, suffice to say we have met some pretty crazy people that have done some pretty crazy things.

Last night as we sat down to dinner, I realised that we have so much more ahead of us. I love these people I am making music with. I love that I get to be a working musician. I am thankful for all our past members, each teaching me something about myself.

With gigs already coming in for 2018, and more and more rooms being packed because the Soundproofed word is getting out there, I can not help but feel pretty awesome about this amazing band called Soundproofed.

Engadine Tavern May 2014

A new venue for us and another one under our belt as a new look Soundproofed.

We had the locals dancing, and we even had a guest artist – Jason one of the chefs who was leaving is in fact an aspiring rock star – What better way to feed that ambition than to hang out with us for the night 🙂


Jason scratches that rock God itch with Soundproofed

Jason scratches that rock God itch with Soundproofed

The five piece new look is sounding great 🙂

We also say goodbye to a Soundie member who has been reliable when lugging our sound 🙂

Saying Goodbye to our trusty Holden :)

Saying Goodbye to our trusty Holden

Saying Goodbye to the trusty Holden

Saying Goodbye to the trusty Holden


Next gig is down at our Fave place in the Gong with our Rock line up – Coby will be hanging out with us on Guitar and Darren will get his first taste of Dicey’s hospitality.

Catch ya at a gig soon ready to rip